A little more for me…

Continuing with my one day trend of making things for myself I decided to make a bag… and not just any bag, a bag that I thought was pretty enough to warrent digging through the good fabric. We all have it… the super nice fabric we keep ‘saving’ for a special project that never happens and it just collects dust. Yup, that fabric!

The fabric I chose is a home decor weight print from Ikea purchased almost two years ago. Yup… been sitting on the shelf for awhile now. I chose a bring pink broad cloth for the lining and used a heavy weight interfacing to make it a little sturdier. I put in two interior pockets with three sections each so it will be easier to keep track of my little things. It is a good size bag that will easily fit all of mine and H’s things for trips out.

I am so happy with how it turned out! I finished it off with a fun black button that shines pink which is exactly what it needed! Best part… it was super easy, didn’t take too long and looks fantastic! I can definitely see myself making a few more of these as they make great gifts.



(Pictures were taken before I added the button. Sorry!)


Mother Nature, foiling my crafty plans

Things have been chugging along on the craft front here… I am trying to get stock prepared to post for sale (baby goodies) while also working on some gifts for friends and family. I ordered some fantastic fleece and an amazing price as the fleece we have here is not great and way over priced. Because we live so close to the border we just order and ship through the states then cross to pick it up.

Well today we planned to head over to pick up my 13 yards of fantastic fleece so I could get to some more crafting and this is what we woke up to…


Seriously…. I am so ready to be done with this. Craftiness foiled! It is supposed to rain this afternoon so it should be gone by tonight but really… apparently Thunder Bay never got the memo it is spring.

NCM Day 17: Fabric!

I meant to post this last night, but sleep over took me after a fun day!

I finally made it out to the fabric store yesterday – I have been in need of some different coloured fleece for some more soakers (specifically black so I can do Batman ones!) and flannel. Well, I managed to purchase some flannel – one has a slight flaw in the dye so I got it for $2/m – and I also picked up some on sale cotton which included a Michael Miller pattern which this store NEVER has!

However, I am very disapointed overall with this store. It never seems to have a really good selection, the sales are always on the crappy stuff (IMO) and everything else is overpriced. It’s sad too as we only have this one and a local quilter’s store which has beautiful fabric, but, understandably, only cotton and a small selection of flannel. I am heading down to my mum’s for Easter so I may do a quick trip and check out some of the stores in her area to see what they have before I order online.

Here is the flannel – the polka dots has a white streak about 6″ long every metre or so… won’t work for a single large project (receiving blanket, pants, etc), but will be great for projects that require smaller cuts! Also, how cute are those sharks!

And here is the cotton! The Owls are a Michael Miller print, and I just couldn’t resist the alphabet pattern.


NCM Day 11: Organizing Fabric!

My craft floor is a disaster. It is the space in the house that we never care how it looks becuase only my husband and I spend any time there. Well now, I would like to get it organized. I decided to start on my fabric. I don’t have a whole lot, but I would like to start using what I have instead of constantly thinking I need more and going out and buying some – I decided to wrap the fabric around cardboard and create my own bolts to put on a bookshelf. This way I can easily see what I already have, what I may want to use for projects and where I may be missing colours/patterns to keep an eye out for if they ever go on sale (note to self: definitely need a more varied selection of broadcloth). I ran out of cardboard before making it through all my stash – still have the knits to do – but I am loving it so far! Best part… I can now use the clear bins the fabric was in for my yarn (which I have a ridiculously huge stash) and finally see what I have so I stop buying the same colours over and over again!

NCM Day 3: A New Project and a trip to some craft stores!

When I sat down to write this I suddenly realized just how long today has felt – and it isn’t even H’s bedtime! I still have an evening left to get back upstairs to work on my new project.

Oh, my new project! I started a new baby/toddler sewing project last night that I am very excited about. It should use up a TON of my scraps and while it will be time consuming, it should be relatively easy. I’m not going to say much more about it but I will post more when it is complete! However, it may be one of my last National Craft Month posts. I will definitely have it done by the end of the month. Stay tuned… I am super excited about this!

This morning I ventured out alone to pick up a few things while my husband stayed home with H. My first stop was Starbucks. I wasn’t planning on getting a drink, but I have been looking for the Venti mug and my usual Chapter’s Starbucks is all sold out. I have recently started making my own Earl Grey Tea Latte’s at home with the help of my Bodum Chocolatiere and they are delicious. I have everything else but I wanted a big enough mug to really make the drink worth while (I’ve never seen the point in getting a small tea latte!). Well… they had the mug! So of course I get it along with a delicious tea latte. Then I’m on my way to Michael’s.

I quickly picked up water-colour crayons as I plan on giving them a try with stamping. I will hopefully get to try it out this week. Once done, I headed to Fabricland to pick up a serger needle as mine broke a few nights ago. After no one in the store having any idea what I was looking for/needed, and my husband looking up my serger model online (remember, old serger, no manual!) I found the needle that was needed… also picked up some cheap fleece and made my way home.

Tonight I will be working on my new project, but now that my serger is back up and running the half size diaper inserts are finally complete! Huzzah!