Colourful Placemats!

I finally finished my placemats and I am so happy with how they turned out. I wanted something bright and colourful for our dining room and I had a moda charm pack that I was just itching to use… out came these fun, bright placemats that will work with whatever colour we decide to paint the room!

It was my first time really doing piece work and while they are far from perfect I think they turned out well. I used my 1/4″ sewing foot which made it SO much easier. I also wanted a patterned white fabric to use and found a great white on white chevron in the ends bin at fabricland. I am kicking myself now for only buying a metre and not everything they had… I love this stuff but I am all out. Sad. I also wanted a single fabric foe the back that was fun and could work as it’s own mat. After searching (a favourite pastime) I found these beautiful prints in Amy Butler’s Love line. They worked great. I love that you can see pops of the red and purple around the edge.

Can’t wait to have some friends over and break out the new mats!





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