Falling in Love…

There are a few things I love about blogging….
1) it lets me share what I’m doing with friends, family and all the wonderful people who stumble across my  blog and like what they see
2) it makes me feel a little more accountable for finishing projects.. a little… I still have to work on that one!
and 3) it has introduced me to a world of new, wonderful bloggers that I now follow and feel inspired by.

I love waking up and getting my email notifications from the blogs I follow and yesterday was pretty fantastic for this Charley Harper, fabric loving girl… I discovered there is a Charley Harper fabric line through Birch Fabric. It was mentioned in passing on A Crafty Fox and it made my heart skip. No word of a lie! I was like a kid on Christmas eve just waiting to find out what it would be… and then today it was revealed in all its beautiful glory! The line will not be availble until September/October but you can bet I will be getting it. I am already planning out the projects, making sure each one will truly highlight the beauty that is Harper’s art.

One project that I definitely want to do is to make a dress. I fell in love with this dress after seeing it on New Girl this past year and I think it would be perfect for highlighing the fabric…. and would cost me less than $300 to make!

russian nesting dolls dress


(also, shopyourtv.com is a fantastic site! Discovered that one today too!)

I will definitely have to keep working on my sewing skills but I am fairly confident I will be able to do this by October! And now, here is the Charley Harper fabric in all its glory! Found at fabricworm.com (which also is a pretty wonderful site!). Here is a small selection of some of the fabric:

charley harper fabric 1 charley harper fabric 2


PS. I have been crazy busy sewing and I  promise to take photos and post them next week! It will be a sewing overload of cute baby things!


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