A little more for me…

Continuing with my one day trend of making things for myself I decided to make a bag… and not just any bag, a bag that I thought was pretty enough to warrent digging through the good fabric. We all have it… the super nice fabric we keep ‘saving’ for a special project that never happens and it just collects dust. Yup, that fabric!

The fabric I chose is a home decor weight print from Ikea purchased almost two years ago. Yup… been sitting on the shelf for awhile now. I chose a bring pink broad cloth for the lining and used a heavy weight interfacing to make it a little sturdier. I put in two interior pockets with three sections each so it will be easier to keep track of my little things. It is a good size bag that will easily fit all of mine and H’s things for trips out.

I am so happy with how it turned out! I finished it off with a fun black button that shines pink which is exactly what it needed! Best part… it was super easy, didn’t take too long and looks fantastic! I can definitely see myself making a few more of these as they make great gifts.



(Pictures were taken before I added the button. Sorry!)


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