Well Hello Blog!

Wow, it has been ridiculously long since I have posted. Things got a little busy leading up to Easter with our trip to southern Ontario to visit with family. My mum scored me a few orders for baby things so I was busy sewing those up before I left… and of course, I am kicking myself as I didn’t take photos before they were picked up!

Now that we are back home and settling back into our routine I can focus on getting items posted so I can hopefully start selling some more stuff soon. My mum ‘donated’ some fantastic fabric from her stash that I just finished washing, ironing and adding to my collection last night as well as the 6m of flannel I picked up on super sale this weekend. I also, finally, made my light box so some better pictures are coming up!

More to come very soon… especially since I will be picking my serger back up today. It needed to be checked out. Ever since the needle broke the tension has been ridiculous and there has been an awful clicking sound. I’m hoping it’s all better now and ready to make some blankets!


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