NCM Day 21: Catching up with some sewing

I have been trying out some new patterns the last week or so – I haven’t made it very far as I have also been relaxing with some Dexter and my husband, but tonight we did some crafting. I didn’t make a lot, but I happily made myself a set of fleece breast pads (my son has been really rough lately as he is really interested in everything going on around him at ALL times and most of the time forgets to unlatch when he wants to look around… ouch!). My plan for tomorrow is some Newman’s cream and heating pads in my bra (which is why I wanted the fleece pads). Along with those, I made a quick pattern for a diaper pouch… I seem to be focusing on diaper carriers a lot lately, I think because I’m transitioning out of a diaper bag. It was really quick to sew up and I got to use some of my new fabric. I did it with cotton without interfacing, but I think next time I will either use a heavier fabric or add a lining to make it a little sturdier. All-in-all I am very happy with how it turned out. I may even use a PUL fabric at some point to make a quick, small wetbag. And yes, my cat Omlet tried to get in the picture… that’s her style.


My plan for tomorrow is to finally complete my photo-takin’ box! Hopefully then my pictures won’t be so awful! Bring on the white light!


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