NCM Day 18: A Slip

My husband and I decided to spend the night downstairs relaxing with some Dexter tonight instead of venturing up to the craft floor as we have been doing the past few weeks. I made myself an Earl Grey Tea latte a la Starbucks (I LOVE that I have figured out the recipe… even bought myself an official vente mug to make it feel like the real deal!), and sat down to do some more work on my crochet blanket.

I started this blanket before Christmas – I’m not an experienced crocheter, so I wanted something simple, fun, and done in patches so I could just do a few every now and then and still feel like I was accomplishing something. I have a crochet blanket on the go that is done in rows and after doing a single row I’m pooped and don’t really feel like I’ve accomplished anything. I found a beautiful pattern by The Purl Bee, and of course, in true Meagan form, chose drastically different yarn and hook size. This one I’m working in Vanna’s Choice.

It has been a few months since I have done any squares so I picked it up tonight and completed the outside border of the last square I was doing then completed a second. As I was packing the squares up into the bag of the other 20 or so I had already completed I noticed that my second one from tonight was considerably larger. Yup, measured and it was a complete row larger. Ugh… wrong hook size. I grabbed the hook I thought I had used, but apparently  not. There is no way my tension could have changed that much in a few months, and if it had it would have just gotten tighter not looser… so after sighing a few frustrated sighs, I did a test of two rounds in the size smaller – still too big – and finally in two hook sizes smaller. Perfect.

So while it was nice and relaxing to sit, enjoy a latte, dexter and some crocheting this evening, all my work will have to be torn apart and done again. Oh well! Good thing they are just 7 round squares!


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