NCM Day 17: Fabric!

I meant to post this last night, but sleep over took me after a fun day!

I finally made it out to the fabric store yesterday – I have been in need of some different coloured fleece for some more soakers (specifically black so I can do Batman ones!) and flannel. Well, I managed to purchase some flannel – one has a slight flaw in the dye so I got it for $2/m – and I also picked up some on sale cotton which included a Michael Miller pattern which this store NEVER has!

However, I am very disapointed overall with this store. It never seems to have a really good selection, the sales are always on the crappy stuff (IMO) and everything else is overpriced. It’s sad too as we only have this one and a local quilter’s store which has beautiful fabric, but, understandably, only cotton and a small selection of flannel. I am heading down to my mum’s for Easter so I may do a quick trip and check out some of the stores in her area to see what they have before I order online.

Here is the flannel – the polka dots has a white streak about 6″ long every metre or so… won’t work for a single large project (receiving blanket, pants, etc), but will be great for projects that require smaller cuts! Also, how cute are those sharks!

And here is the cotton! The Owls are a Michael Miller print, and I just couldn’t resist the alphabet pattern.



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