NCM Day 11: Organizing Fabric!

My craft floor is a disaster. It is the space in the house that we never care how it looks becuase only my husband and I spend any time there. Well now, I would like to get it organized. I decided to start on my fabric. I don’t have a whole lot, but I would like to start using what I have instead of constantly thinking I need more and going out and buying some – I decided to wrap the fabric around cardboard and create my own bolts to put on a bookshelf. This way I can easily see what I already have, what I may want to use for projects and where I may be missing colours/patterns to keep an eye out for if they ever go on sale (note to self: definitely need a more varied selection of broadcloth). I ran out of cardboard before making it through all my stash – still have the knits to do – but I am loving it so far! Best part… I can now use the clear bins the fabric was in for my yarn (which I have a ridiculously huge stash) and finally see what I have so I stop buying the same colours over and over again!


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