NCM Day 5: Finally Some Scrapbooking!

I can finally say I have started our wedding scrapbook! I have been waiting for the right inspiration to hit me and I think it finally did last night. I unpacked all the accents I had kept from our wedding (extra invitations, table songs (we did song titles instead of numbers), seating arrangement and the paper birts, and started figuring out some pages and sorting the photos. I got inspired to do the invitation page and the layout design came relatively fast, BUT, once I got down to the nitty-gritty of accents (my scrapbook foe) I realized I did not have what I wanted. Oh well, that page will have to wait until I pick up some white embossing powder. Onto the cover page.

The cover page turned out better than I expected. I was playing around with some cream blanket binding and decided to pleat it and use it as a ribbon at the bottom of my page. I laid it overtop of green blanket binding and it definitely gave the page the focus it needed. Next came the paper bird from the seating chart and the right cricut font for our names and done! The photo I chose was one of my favourite’s from our wedding as it is just fun and very us. I printed it as a 6×8 and mounted it on black cardstock.

I am definitely feeling the wedding scrapbook now. I plan on doing the whole thing in white/cream and black and utilizing our wedding colours as accents (purple and green). I even restocked my stampin’ up garden green and eggplant purple cardstock so I’d have enough for the album.

Definitely a good crafting night! Oh… and the sewing project I’ve been working on is complete! They are just in the wash now so I’ll have to see how they come out in the morning!


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