NCM Day 4: Being a Mother

This week I have felt like super-mom. H went down easily for two naps a day, I was able to get dinner prepped during his first, some cleaning and crafting, and some quality relaxing time in between the two. It has been beautiful out – a little chill in the air but bright and sunny – so we went out for walks… a practically perfect week. I actually felt like I had everything together, and if you are a mum (or know one!), you know that feeling does not come around very often.

Then the weekend hit and napping went out the window. H has been teething since 3 months and he still doesn’t have any teeth to show for it. This weekend was exceptionally bad and I am thankful my husband was home Sunday and Monday. I feel awful when he is in so much pain and there is very little I can do. He is tired, but won’t nap. His mouth hurts so he doesn’t nurse as long and then he gets hungry faster. When he doesn’t nap during the day it makes our day seem so much longer. I am very thankful I have a little boy who sleeps well through the night at least as it leaves me with some time to myself to recharge.

Days with a cranky baby are long. Everyone is tired. It is days like today though that remind me why I love being a mum so much. Even in the long days, I am loving it. And I know that sounds corny, but I guess it’s because at the end of the day, after my husband and I have spent the day passing him back and forth and trying to get him to giggle and smile and distract him from teething pain, I get to nurse and rock him to sleep. In those moments when he is falling asleep in my arms, finally completely relaxed, it makes all the crankiness, tiredness, all the fuss worth every minute.

This really is the most rewarding, challenging, wonderful job I’ve ever had.


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