NCM Day 3: A New Project and a trip to some craft stores!

When I sat down to write this I suddenly realized just how long today has felt – and it isn’t even H’s bedtime! I still have an evening left to get back upstairs to work on my new project.

Oh, my new project! I started a new baby/toddler sewing project last night that I am very excited about. It should use up a TON of my scraps and while it will be time consuming, it should be relatively easy. I’m not going to say much more about it but I will post more when it is complete! However, it may be one of my last National Craft Month posts. I will definitely have it done by the end of the month. Stay tuned… I am super excited about this!

This morning I ventured out alone to pick up a few things while my husband stayed home with H. My first stop was Starbucks. I wasn’t planning on getting a drink, but I have been looking for the Venti mug and my usual Chapter’s Starbucks is all sold out. I have recently started making my own Earl Grey Tea Latte’s at home with the help of my Bodum Chocolatiere and they are delicious. I have everything else but I wanted a big enough mug to really make the drink worth while (I’ve never seen the point in getting a small tea latte!). Well… they had the mug! So of course I get it along with a delicious tea latte. Then I’m on my way to Michael’s.

I quickly picked up water-colour crayons as I plan on giving them a try with stamping. I will hopefully get to try it out this week. Once done, I headed to Fabricland to pick up a serger needle as mine broke a few nights ago. After no one in the store having any idea what I was looking for/needed, and my husband looking up my serger model online (remember, old serger, no manual!) I found the needle that was needed… also picked up some cheap fleece and made my way home.

Tonight I will be working on my new project, but now that my serger is back up and running the half size diaper inserts are finally complete! Huzzah!


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