NCM Day 2: No Naps!

Well, it is always bound to happen every now and again, H would not nap. Well, that’s not entirely true, he did nap once. Finally fell asleep and just long enough for me to head downstairs and eat a slice of cold pizza before one of my dogs started freaking out barking at nothing and woke him up. Ugh! Normally the dogs don’t wake him up but I guess today was different. So, needless to say I did not get up to any crafting today – at least not yet. I am heading up to craft when I finish this and I will post what I make tomorrow!

For today I thought I would post things I made a few weeks ago during nap time. The first is a pair of mittens for H, and the second some baby boy leg warmers. We definitely needed some mittens. H doesn’t wear his snowsuit with attached mittens very often as we are usually just going from the house to car to store, or going for a walk while I wear in him the Boba (in that instance he is snugged up against me and super warm and toasty) so he needed some mittens for when we were out and about. These were a super fast knit and I was able to finish them up during one long nap. I plan on making another pair as they are just too cute! These were knit up in Vanna’s Choice yarn.

The next is the fair isle leg warmers. I love babies in leg warmers and it is very hard to find cute boy ones so I decided to make my own! The pattern is from 60 Quick Baby Knits using Cascade Yarn 220 superwash. I also used Vanna’s Choice Yarn – cheaper and available at Michael’s! H definitely enjoys wearing these! He loves going without pants but since it is winter, I also like having something on his legs. These are the happy medium. He also likes playing with them while they are which is just super cute.

The leg warmers took me two nap times to complete. Pretty much a nap time for each one. They were surprisingly quick to knit up especially considering how long it’s been since I’ve done fair isle and how little a fan I am of using double pointed needles. I would definitely do these again and probably will make a few more before winter’s through for H. Perhaps I’ll even give it a go with my own design! hmm…



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