National Craft Month (NCM) Day 1: Cards!

As mentioned yesterday, I got to working on some new Thank You/general note cards the other night… I tend to prep my cards in an assembly line fashion so even if I don’t complete them in one sitting it won’t take me too much longer to finish them up. I also make my cards in groups of 4. I started doing this while preparing for a craft show I did this past October. It made it easier to finish more cards while still having a good number of intricate, time-consuming/fancy ones, and simplier, quick ones (which, to be honest, have turned out to be some of my favourite and best-sellers!).

So the other night I got started and ended up prepping 24 cards (as previously mentioned) – 6 groups of 4. Three of the groups are thank you/general cards while one set is Christmas. I figure it is never too early to get started on Christmas cards! I wasn’t able to finish them up last night so just this morning during H’s first nap I made my way to the craft floor and finished up 16 to add to my stash. These will be great for the quick thank you note, or just a hello… but also to keep for the next round of craft shows that pick up in the fall. I definitely hope to do more this year and if I do, I need to get quite the head start on them.

Here are the four designs:

For each card I have used a mixture of Stampin’ Up stamps, as well as other various sets I have (most will be freebies my husband gets me from past scrapbook/stamping magazines). All the ink I use is from Stampin’ Up as, in my opinion, nothing beats the quality of their ink. Each card is 4 1/4 x 5 1/2 and the individual white rectangles are cut to 1 1/2 x 2 1/4. This design is one of my favourites and is one I have done a few times with various stamps. I love that it is quick and simple and allows the stamp to be the main focus of the card. It is perfect for a Thank You/Note card. Also, I absolutely love white on white cards – especially embossed (which I will do more of leading up to Christmas).

Day 1 of National Craft Month crafting has been a success! I was able to get up to my craft floor and I even started a list of the crafts I would like to do this month – both new crafts, and finishing up some of my ‘to-do’ list knits found here. So, until tomorrow…


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