March is National Craft Month…. and other stuff!

Well, I just found out that March is National Craft Month, and not a moment too soon! Knowing this, I have decided that to honour National Craft Month I will post a new and different craft everyday for the month. I will even attempt to post a few tutorials! So come back tomorrow to check out the first one!

Last night I started doing the liners for my diapers. A pretty easy thing, just had to cut the current liners I had in half and serger the end. Well, I made it through two and my serger went on the frits. The needle thread kept snapping and not meeting up with the two under threads correctly. Now, I am new to serging. This is my mother’s machine that she gave to me last April. It came without instructions and without a foot peddle. After taking it to my local quilting shop and getting it cleaned and a peddle ordered I was able to figure it out thanks you some youtube videos and trial and error. I say this, because last night I had nothing to go on as to what was causing it to go fritzy. No manual, nothing. Well, after I had everything rethreaded, cleaned out and ready to go, the needle snapped. Yup, it was just because the needle was old. I guess that is understandable considering, as previously mentioned, this was my mother’s machine. She got it almost 20 years ago and barely used it and while I’ve had it for almost a year, it is one of my favourite things and have used it quite a bit. I am hoping to get out tonight or tomorrow to get a new needle so I can finish up my inserts. I had plans to make some fleece diaper covers this weekend so I would like the serger up and ready to go!

My night of creating after the needle broke still has a happy ending. As mentioned in my Thank You card/note post, I have been itching to make some new Thank You cards and that’s exactly what I did last night. I have 24 cards prepped (4 of which are Christmas cards… I like getting an early start so I’m not making 120 in November!) and I should be able to finish them up tonight.

I love making cards, but sometimes I think I do it to avoid scrapbooking. During National Craft Month, I will definitely have to get my butt in gear and get some pages finished.

Last, but certainly not least, my two quilt patterns arrived yesterday. I am not an experienced quilter, but I would like to be. The patterns that I bought are definitely not easy and I am going WAY above and beyond my skill level but they were too adorable to pass up. The Monster quilt is for H’s big boy room (so I have LOTS of time), and I plan on starting with one of the pillows to ease myself into it, while the Alphabet one will probably never amount to a full-size quilt, but I love that I now have the pattern for all these cute animals. Hello pillows, blankets and placemats! Before I start work on the Monster quilt, I plan on taking a look at the techniques required and trying them out on smaller things – placemats, table runners, etc. I have a wonderfully crafty mother-in-law who I will enlist to help me out.

So, until tomorrow and the first National Craft Month posting… happy crafting!


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