A Simple Gesture

Over the last few days I have been desperately trying to get out the last of the Thank You notes for gifts that have come in since January for Henry. It is wonderful how many people are still thinking of us and sending things for him even months later (he will be 6 months next week). I always make sure to write it down when we receive something to be sure I remember to send a card. Most of the time I am fairly quick, but sometimes it just takes me a little longer.

I think a mailed thank you card is such a wonderful thing to give, and receive. Everyone loves getting mail and with texting and email, personal notes and letters are few and far between. Today we received a thank you note from my husband’s cousin’s as we had sent them a gift for the birth of their daughter this past December. It was so wonderful to pick up the mail and have a lovely  note instead of junk and bills. It was also wonderful to hear that they have been using the burp cloth and receiving blankets I had made and the book had been added to their growing collection (personally, I don’t believe a baby gift is complete without a book!).

I have a huge love of making Thank You cards.  I love having lots of  homemade ones on hand since I tend to get some flack when I send store bought ones – even though I think some card sets are absolutely beautiful and if I bought it, it’s because I love it that much! I went through my stash and snapped a picture of some of my favourite Thank You cards I still have. I seem to be getting an itch to make some more so perhaps I will make that happen this week!



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