Card Workshop

Yesterday was the card workshop with a lovely group of retired teachers. 13 in total!  The workshop went well! Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and were happy with what they made and took home. There was even talk about doing another workshop in November with Christmas Cards – which I would totally prefer as I LOVE making Christmas cards!

I think for my first workshop I prepped some pretty great cards – relatively easy to make once you got the hang of things, fun techniques that look impressive but are quite easy to do (oh how I love embossing!), and general enough cards that they could be used for various occasions. The one thing I would do differently next time would be to bring more acrylic blocks for the stamps. That and tape runners. All-in-all I thought it was a successful day and everyone had a great time.I even have some extra cards left (as I prepped enough for 16 people) that I can quickly do up and add to my stash.

And of course, they all loved when my husband brought H to the library (where we were) after his nap so I could feed him (he will not take a bottle). He was hamming it up for all the ladies! Showing them his best smiles.

Next up, I have a few sewing projects to do this week – all related to my cloth diapers!


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