Finishing Projects – my *late* New Years Resolution

I think, for the most part, I am okay at finishing the projects I start. It may take me some time, but I usually get them done. Others, it seems like I can be working on them forever. Good luck to the projects I start at the end of my knitting/scrapbooking/crocheting/cross-stitch phase! I decided to do a mental count of all the knitting/crocheting projects I still have on the go – some from as far back as 2010.. eek – and I seem to have 12. TWELVE! Not cool, Meagan, not cool. I have started and finished a TON of projects since then… heck, for my wedding in 2011 I hand made all 200 guest favours (knit dishcloths and sewn coffee cup takeout sleeves) and made everyone involved in the wedding a hat/scarf set (as we were married in December), but man, I cannot seem to finish these projects.

So here it is… my new years resolution, just a few months late. I will finish the knit/crochet projects I have on the go this year. There. I said it. Now it must happen! Good thing it is only the end of February. So here is a quick run-down of the projects I have on the go that need to be completed by the end of the year:

1) Scandinavian hoodie (working on this now). I would like to note that I started this hoodie back in 2010, put it down and THEN realized I was knitting the wrong size so never picked it back up. Last weekend I decided to start again so I ripped out what I had and got to it. I am now making good progress.
2) Fair Isle 1940’s sweater. Oh so pretty and knit in the round so it really doesn’t take THAT long. It is, however, 6 or 8 colours plus the background. Good thing I am almost done the body!
3) open cardigan for a friend of mine. Just have one sleeve left to do. Perhaps I’ll finish that next.
4) Teddy Bear onesie for H. Need to stitch it together. He has now grown out of it, so it will either be for the next baby (at some point) or I’ll give it to one of my 4 friends/family members that are having babies this year
5) Cardigan for H. Needs to be stitched together. Probably need to store/give this one away too! Boo.
6) Sweater for my friend’s son. Again, he’s probably gown out of it so I’ll stitch it up for H and make another one for him.
7) Brown hooded cardigan for myself.
8) White scarf for another friend. Should only take a day or two… just need to get crackin’!
9) Hooded cowl
10) Verigated cowl
11) zig-zag crochet blanket (originally for H but decided long before he was born that I wanted to keep it for me instead!)
12) Granny square rainbow blanket. Needs 80 squares. I think I’ve done around 20 or so. Not too bad.

Okay, 12 projects. I can do this. Considering I’m only making myself finish all my knit/crochet projects this isn’t so bad. I still have two major cross-stitch projects on the go and three scrapbooks. Luckily I feel like I make significant progress with scrapbooking even if I only do a few pages.

On the plus side, today was a fantastic day for naps and being productive. H took two naps – one 2.5h and one 1.5h and in that time I was able to get some cleaning done and get started on freezer meals. I love having freezer meals as they make for quick, healthy, cheap meals when I don’t want to cook. And with my husband working more evenings, my desire to cook significantly decreases. I will post about the meals when they are all finished! I’m hoping to be done by the end of the weekend.

So… is anyone else like me and awful at completing projects?


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