Prepping a Card Workshop


Today was a lovely day filled with crafting! This coming Monday I will be doing a card workshop with a group of retired teachers and while I have know about this for months, I have been putting off figuring what cards we will be doing. If it was around Christmas it would have been much easier, but alas, there are no major card-giving holidays coming up so a Birthday, Thank You and general card we will make!

For the third day in a row H went down for a good nap. I hope, fingers crossed, we are back into napping mode. During the nap I figured out the design for each card and made them up. It’s amazing how long it takes when you HAVE to come up with something and just not feeling it. After H went to bed I grabbed all the supplies and sat down with one of my favourite movies – Live Free or Die Hard – and prepped all the cards. It’s quite relaxing just going through the motions of cutting and prepping the packages. Made it through all 42 before the movie was done. I am definitely feeling better and ready for Monday’s workshop. The only thing left to do is find a second cuttlebug to borrow as two cards are embossed… As a side note, the cuttlebug is probably my favourite scrapbook/paper crafting purchase! Love it!

As a bonus, I got an email confirming the shipment of the two quilt patterns I ordered this week! I’ll post photos when they arrive!


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