Fair Isle Charts

H has not been napping well lately. He is an amazing night sleeper – usually does 12-13h straight without feeds (and he is exclusively breastfed). Naps though are another story. He USED to be an awesome napper… would go down after lunch around 1:30 and sleep 3 hours. It was great. I could do some crafting, cleaning and even prep dinner. Lately we are finding that he is inconsistent with his naps. One day he’ll do 3 hours in one stretch, the next three… nothing! And it is difficult to keep a 5 month old baby entertained for 11 or so hours when they get cranky but won’t sleep.

Alright, onto today! Today was one of those wonderful nap days. Woke up around 9:30 and went down for a nap 11:30-2:30. Of course I was not prepared for him to sleep so long so I spent the first little bit on the computer… then thought, hey, maybe I’ll make some banana bread. Did that. Delicous. Then moved on to soup… didn’t think I’d get very far. Wrong. Finished the soup and it was delicious. Did some cleaning, organized H’s newborn, 0-3 and 3-6 month clothing for storage then started in on some more knitting.

I really enjoy doing fair isle. I think it looks beautiful, and really is a pretty simple technique, it just takes a little bit of extra time to carry the yarn across the back. If you can find a pattern that is knit in the round you are gold. What I cannot stand though is when fair isle charts are so small they hurt your eyes when you read them. That is what this chart is like. It’s only 60 or so rows, 35st across but it is very small. I ended up spending the last part of H’s nap copying out the next 15 rows of the pattern onto graph paper just so I could see it better.

Whenever I have to copy out charts, I am always thankful when they are only two colours. Here are my charts! The original and my ‘enlargement’.



H is now in bed for the night so I am going to curl up with some homemade soup (yum!) and get back to some knitting!


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