Long time crafter…

I figure I should probably use this first post to share a little about myself and my crafting. I am a new mum and absolutely love everything about staying home with my little boy. He is 5 months old and we have a blast together! My husband and I live in Northern Ontario, so right now I am battling the cold, cold winter! Usually, winter here means lots of snowshoeing with our dogs but this year winter has been awful. It has been really warm and no snow, then lots of snow but -40… and with a 5 month old baby, going out in -40 is not necessarily the best idea. This has meant lots of indoor time with two, very active dogs!

Being home with H has given me lots of opportunities to get back into some craftiness. I was off for 10 weeks sick leave prior to having him in September and was able to hone in on my sewing skills during that time. Sewing is my newest thing and I am definitely enjoying it. I made so many blankets for H over the summer and I am so thankful I did! My mum gave me her serger last April and with the help of youtube I was able to figure out how it works. I love my serger. While I would never want to have JUST a serger, it is a huge time saver when it comes to hemming. I was able to make H 20 or so receiving blankets in a weekend! I have always been a knitter and have been scrapbooking for about 10 years now. I find that having so many crafty things I enjoy doing, I tend to do each one in cycles. I will all of a sudden get in the mood to make cards/scrapbook, then a few weeks later completely switch gears to cross-stitch or knitting. Right now I am onto knitting. I just finished a pair of leg warmers and mittens for H and am currently working on a Scandinavian hoodie for myself (which will most likely take forever as it is fair isle and well, a sweater!).

The biggest change to my crafting, as you are probably aware if you are also a parent, is the time you have to do it! Sneaking in a row or two while H is happily playing on the floor, or running up to my craft floor (yes… I have a craft floor!) to try to get a few cards made while H *fingers crossed* naps longer than 20 minutes! One thing I would like to share on this blog are all the small crafts I have been able to complete during naps… whether they are 30-45 minute naps, or the wonderful 2.5 hour ones. Earlier this week I was able to knock off a pair of fair isle leg warmers over two days worth of naps (1 2.5 hour nap a day). It’s amazing what you can accomplish when you have limited time to do it!



4 thoughts on “Long time crafter…

  1. Congratulations on your first post! I’m currently living in Mongolia where it gets below -40 and what the mothers here do is buy these baby jumpsuits which are made out of (what seems like) sleeping bag material. The kids look like star fish as the suits are so padded they can’t put their arms down fully. It’s very cute.
    I’m looking forward to seeing your creations 🙂

    • We just bought this house last year and came from a very tiny house with no room for crafts… Apparently my craftiness supplies have exploded in a very short amount of time.

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